Persistent NoSQL Database

Top Flutter Persistent NoSQL Database packages Embedded databases are those data stores that come prepackaged with devices (like smartphones) to persist data on the device for future use. Embedded NoSQL databases are schema-free, which means that they do not require any predefined schema or structure. This makes them ideal for storing unstructured data that might change with time. Based on the requirements of your Flutter app, you might deal with two types of NoSQL Databases: * **Key-value store or database**: A type of NoSQL database that use a simple key-value store to store data. The key is used to look up the value, which can be anything from a simple data type (such as an integer or string) to a more complex data type (such as an object or array). * **Document Database**: A database that stores its data as JSON documents. This is in contrast to a relational database, which stores its data in tables. Document databases are often more flexible than relational databases because they do not require a schema to be defined upfront. This means that data can be added to the database without having to first define what that data is. The complete list of Flutter packages that provide you with utilities to create and update embedded persistent NoSQL Databases, Key-value stores and Document databases is provided below.