Encointer mobile wallet flutter implementation

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Encointer Wallet

Encointer wallet and client for mobile phones

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  • Dart sdk: “>=3.2.0 <3.0.0”
  • flutter: “3.16.3”
  • Android: minSdkVersion 17
  • iOS: --ios-language swift, Xcode version >= 14.3

Build Instructions


Ubuntu 22.04

Install Android Studio from snap and set it up as follows:

  1. Tools > SDK manager > Install SDK Android 8.0 Oreo (not sure if version matters much)
  2. … Tools > Install SDK commandline tools
  3. Settings > Plugins > Install Flutter


sudo apt install cmake ninja-build libgtk-3-dev npm build-essentials
# install project deps (i.e., melos)
.flutter/bin/dart pub get
.flutter/bin/dart melos bootstrap

In studio: under run configurations, add build flavor dev

Now: run!


Essentially only a project wide flutter installation is needed. A simple trick to install flutter wrapper like above is
to open a Git Bash shell on windows to run the ./scripts/install_flutter_wrapper.sh. All ./.flutter\bin\dart
commands work from a windows terminal, so the rest of the installation steps are the same.

Additional Info

Flutter wrapper and the .flutter git submodule

This project uses flutter_wrapper. Flutter wrapper is a tool that enables
having the same flutter version across multiple developers. It installs automatically the flutter version form the
pubspec.yml into the .flutter submodule.

Vscode automatically uses the .flutter as we have checked in the .vscode folder. For setting up the Android Studio,
please refer to the documentation.

Linux and MacOs

Linux and MacOs users can simply replace all flutter CLI commands with ./flutterw and it will just work.


In windows, this does unfortunately not work, but .flutter you can refer to the executables directly with:
./flutter/bin/flutter and ./flutter/bin/dart.

Note: On windows, Git fails to update the flutter submodule when it has been changed on remote. This can be fixed with:

git submodule update --init

Run App

Run Android platform

./.flutter\bin\dart melos run run-android

Run IOS platform

./.flutter\bin\dart run melos run-ios

If you have an AVD or real device attached, you can do

./.flutter\bin\flutter run --flavor dev

Build APK

You may build the App with Flutter’s Deployment Documentation.

In order to build a fat APK, you can do

.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos build-apk-fdroid

and find the output in build/app/outputs/apk/fdroid/release/app-fdroid-release.apk

For the play store, an appbundle is preferred:

.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos build-appbundle

and find the output in build/app/outputs/bundle/release/app-release.aab

Dev hints

Flutter version

The following file contains the supported flutter version:

Run tests

  • run all tests from the command line:./flutterw test
  • exclude e2e-tests that need a running encointer node:
.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos unit-test-app-exclude-encointer-node-e2e
  • run e2e-tests that need a running encointer node:
.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos unit-test-app-with-encointer-node-e2e

Integration tests

  • run all integration tests in test_driver directory:
    Integration test app.dart for Android system
.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos integration-app-test-android

Integration test app.dart for IOS system

.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos integration-app-test-ios

Automated screenshots

  • Github actions is used to create automated screenshots for the specified devices there. However, running the integration tests locally will create screenshots for the currently running device.

Android Studio

To run the in Android Studio a build flavor must be specified. Go to Run/Debug configurations and add the build flavor dev in the appropriate field. Other available values are in the in the android/app/src/build.gradle file.

Developer Remarks


dartfmt lacks config file support, which implies that customizations need to be done by users individually. The default
limit of 80 characters line length conflicts with the deeply nested structure of flutter’s declarative code for designing
widgets. This causes many unwanted linebreaks that reduce the readability of flutter code. Hence, we increase the line
length of the code to 120.

  • Settings > Dart > Line length 120.
  • Autoformat on save: Settings > Languages and Frameworks > then tick: Format code on save, Organize imports on save.
  • Format the whole codebase with:
    format all Dart code
.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos format

Other fmt hints:

Update generated files.

The flutter build-runner is used to generate repetitive boiler-plate code that is generated based on code annotations,
e.g. @JsonSerializable or the mobx annotations. Whenever annotations are added, changed or removed, the following
command must be run to update the *.g files.

.\.flutter\bin\dart run melos run-build-runner

GitHub Actions Hints


Sometimes after a Github Actions Runner update, the Xcode version is updated, which changes the available IOS runtimes.
This makes the IPad simulator creation fail because our runtime is no longer available. We can simply replace the
runtime with one of the available runtimes printed in the Prepare environment for IOS stage.

App Release

Pre-release testing

There is quite some manual testing, which we can’t automate currently. Before a release, an issue should be created
based on the Release Testing Rococo template. It will generate an issue with a task list of the features that need to
be tested. Two things need to be inserted into the template: 1. The commit that is tested. 2. The version that should be
released after testing.

Release flow

  • VersionName should follow the semver policy.
  • VersionCode should monotonically increase by 1 for every tagged build
AppCenter (Google Play Store & Apple AppStore)

The AppCenter automatically builds and deploys the HEAD of beta.

  git checkout master
  git pull
  git tag v0.9.0
  git push origin v0.9.0
  git checkout beta
  git merge v0.9.0
  git push

F-droid triggers builds based on tags. We will use a special tag format for the f-droid releases:, e.g. vx.x.x-fdroid.

Note: We have a different release branch for f-droid, as we had to use another, less performant scanner library to meet
FOSS constraints.


This app has been built based on polkawallet.io

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