Messaging & Push Notification

Top Flutter Messaging and Push Notification packages There are two types of notifications that can be sent to a Flutter mobile application: * **Push notification** is the most commonly used method where users are able to view the messages without opening the app, typically on the lock screen. * **In-app notifications** are messages that a user receives inside the Flutter application after opening it. These notifications are designed to send more targeted and context-sensitive messages. In addition to their location (outside or inside the app), push notifications and in-app messages differ from each other in the following way: * While a push notification brings the users to the application, an in-app notification guides the users inside the app. * A push notification can be delivered any time, but an in-app message works only when the application is open. * Push notifications are geared towards users who are potentially disengaged, whereas in-app messages are for users that are already using the app. * A user can always disable push notifications for an app, whereas the option to turn off in-app messaging is not always provided to users. The complete list of Flutter packages that provide Push Notification and In-app Messaging services is provided below.