A Flutter mobile app for Klipper/Moonraker

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Mobileraker - A free mobile app for klipper

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Table of Content

  1. Download the app
  2. General
  3. Push-Notifications
  4. App Screenshots
  5. Translations
  6. Environment Setup for Contribution
  7. Changelog
  8. License

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🏷️ Mobileraker works as a simple UI for Klipper on the phone. Connect it to an existing moonraker installation and
control the printer.

🧰 With Mobileraker, the user has access to critical machine commands:

  • Pause, Resume, Stop a print job
  • Monitor the print progress
  • Control all axis of the machine
  • Control the heaters
  • Get the current temperature readings
  • Control fans
  • Control pins like LEDs
  • Send GCode Macros
  • Emergency Stop the machine

🛠️ Additionally, Mobileraker enables the user to monitor the machine via an integrated webcam viewer with support for
multiple cams, interact with the machine through the GCode console and browse the available GCode files to start a new
print job.
Mobileraker also offers comfort features like remote push notifications about the progress of a print job, temperature

✨ One more thing …
Mobileraker can manage multiple machines!

✍🏻 Some final words from the project owner:
My name is Patrick Schmidt, and I am the developer of Mobileraker. Mobileraker started as a small side project with the
intention to be able to control My 3D printer via My phone. After posting some screenshots of the app to the 3D printing
community, the public interest in Mobileraker grew, and I published it to the app stores.
As I am only able to work on Mobileraker in my free time, I am always thankful for support and feedback. Either via
lovely messages of people enjoying Mobileraker, good reviews in the store or through donations. I hope you enjoy
Mobileraker and happy printing 🙏!

Push Notifications / Remote Notification

Android’s progress notification (Shown in the Impression Images) is not supported anymore, due to a change in a 3rd
party library. As soon as this library offers support for this kind
notification again, I will revisit the implementation (Feel free to contribute).

Mobileraker allows users to enable push notifications, which are also delivered if your phone is not in the same network
as your klipperized 3D printer. To allow Mobileraker to send push notifications to your phone, please install and
configure the Mobileraker’s Companion. You can learn more about it
by visiting the Mobileraker’s Companion GitHub project to learn

App Impressions


Mobileraker already supports multiple languages, but it relies on contributions to add new languages and keep existing
translations up to date. If you want to add your own language or update an existing one, please feel free to open a Pull
Request (PR). This guide provides details on the structure of translation keys and how to add
a new language.

Environment Setup for Contribution

This section outlines the steps required for contributors who wish to enhance or contribute to the project, or for
those who want to build the app locally.

  1. Flutter and FlutterFire Installation:

  2. Import Project into IDE:

    • Import the project into your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  3. Clone the mobileraker_pro_pub Repository:

    • Clone the mobileraker_pro repository into same location as the
      mobileraker repository.
    • Folder structure should look like this:
      ├── mobileraker
      └── mobileraker_pro_pub
  4. Configure Dependency in pubspec.yaml:

    • In pubspec.yaml, verify that the path option for the mobileraker_pro dependency is used that
      points to the cloned mobileraker_pro_pub repository.
          path: ../mobileraker_pro_pub
  5. Generate Required Files:

    • Run the following commands in the terminal of the repos root folder:
      flutter pub get
      flutter packages pub run build_runner build
      cd common
      flutter pub get
      flutter packages pub run build_runner build
      This will generate necessary files in both the root folder and the common folder.
  6. Firebase Configuration:

    • Run the command:
      flutterfire configure
      This step configures your Firebase project, targeting both Android and iOS platforms, and generates
      a firebase_options.dart file.
  7. Update firebase_options.dart:

    • Replace the contents of the firebase_options.dart file in the cloned mobileraker_pro_pub repository with the
      contents of the firebase_options.dart file generated in the previous step.
  8. Run the App:

    • Run the app on your preferred device or emulator. Happy coding!


The changelog can be found in docs/


The project is licensed under a modified MIT license, known as the Mobileraker License v1, crafted by Patrick Schmidt.
It allows non-commercial use, redistribution, and modification of the software and documentation, provided that
copyright and permission notices are preserved. However, commercial usage is restricted unless explicit written consent
is obtained from Patrick Schmidt, who also maintains all intellectual property rights.

The project’s license can be found here LICENSE.



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