A GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)

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A GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).

Currently provides a double-click GUI installer for .apk and .xapk files that shows app information (package, icon, version and permissions), allows normal installations as well as upgrades and downgrades.

The app additionally provides a button to open Android settings and one to open the “Manage Applications” Android settings page, from which you can uninstall or disable applications and grant or revoke permissions


  • Autostart WSA
    • on/off
  • Android port
    • Default: 58526
  • Language
  • Theme mode
    • System
    • Dark
    • Light
  • Window transparency (mica)
    • Full
    • Partial
    • Disabled
  • Adaptive icon shape
    • Squircle
    • Circle
    • Rounded square
    • Disabled


Q: WSA PacMan is always showing the Offline status, why is that?

A: First things first make sure WSA is installed (duh); Open the ‘Windows Subsystem for Android™ Settings’ app, in the Developer tab and make sure the ‘Developer mode’ switch is enabled; inside manage developer settings, make sure the ‘USB debugging’ option is enabled.

Should all of the above fail, try following this procedure; make sure to check the ‘always allow’ option.

Q: Can I use WSA PacMan on older versions of Windows (eg. Windows 10)?

A: WSA PacMan depends on Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is only officially supported on Windows 11.

However, you may be able to install WSA on Windows 10 using this project by JimDude7404 and following the step-by-step guide on the GitHub page.

Q: Can i install the Play Store?

A: The play store is not officially supported on WSA, and at the moment it is only possible to install it using an unofficial WSA build. I recommend installing the Aurora Store instead, which is an unofficial Play Store client; but if you really want the Play Store and other Google apps, check out this project.

More screenshots

Main screen

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