Source code of the SMASH Android/iOS digital field mapping app.

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SMASH — Smart Mobile App for the Surveyor’s Happiness

Codemagic build status

A digital field mapping app for Android and iOS
for fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys and GIS data-collection.


  • Fits in any pocket, always at hand.
  • Take geo-referenced and possibly orientated pictures during surveys, to import them into GIS applications like gvSIG.
  • Make use of any connection to the Internet.
  • Easy and intuitive, providing just a few important functions.

Main features

  • Geo-referenced notes.
  • Geo-referenced and oriented pictures.
  • GPS-track logging.
  • Form-based data surveys.
  • Easy export of collected data.
  • A map view for navigation with support for raster tiles and gpx vector data.
  • Geopackage (OGC standard) support.

More info on the SMASH homepage

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Build and run

# To solve Weblate duplicated translation issue
echo '{}' > lib/l10n/intl_nb.arb
echo '{}' > lib/l10n/intl_zh.arb
flutter pub get
flutter gen-l10n
flutter run


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