An open-source privacy oriented Twitter/X client

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Maintaining the Fritter feed, originally by Quacker

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There is also an alternate F-Droid repository that allows updates for Squawker to be available faster than on the default F-Droid repository.

Scan the QR code below or click this link and process it with your F-Droid client. Here's the full link text for easy viewing:

Important note: In case Squawker is already installed on your device and you want to reinstall it or want to install a version from another repository (from F-Droid to github or from F-Droid to the alternate F-Droid repository for instance), make sure to backup your application data (Settings/Data, tap Export, select all items then tap the save icon) and uninstall Squawker before proceeding. After you have reinstalled Squawker from the new repository, import your backup (Settings/Data, tap Import).


  • Privacy: No tracking, with all data local
  • No ads: Not clogged by multiple ads
  • Feed: View all your subscriptions in a chronological feed
  • Subscriptions: Follow and group accounts
  • Search: Find users and tweets
  • Bookmarks: Save tweets locally and offline
  • Trends: See what’s trending in the world
  • Polls: View results without needing to vote
  • Light and Dark themes: Protect your eyes
  • And more!


| Viewing subscriptions| Viewing groups | Viewing trends |


If you’d like to help make Squawker even better, here are a just a few of the ways you can help!

Report a bug

If you’ve found a bug in Squawker, open a new issue, but please make sure to check that someone else hasn’t reported it first on Fritter or on Squawker.

Fix a bug

If you’re looking for something to dip your toes into the codebase, check if there are any issues labelled good first issue. Otherwise, if you see another issue you’d like to tackle, go for it - just fork the repository, push to a branch, and create a PR detailing your changes. We’ll review it and merge it in, once it meets all our checks and balances!


Most of Squawker’s translations have come from Weblate


Duck Icon: Bathroom Vectors by Vecteezy

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