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Animated Progress Button

Animated loading button to make you app button looks smoother.
Take inspritation from Pinterest

alt text


Create animatedButtonController for controlling the button.

import 'package:animated_progress_button/animated_progress_button.dart';

final AnimatedButtonController animatedButtonController = AnimatedButtonController();

Then customize the button like your own way
Noted that you must call animatedButtonController.completed() after getting response from server in order to complete the button animation

   controller: animatedButtonController,
   color: Colors.greenAccent,
   text: 'Log in',
   loadingText: 'Loading',
   loadedIcon: Icon(Icons.check, color: Colors.white),
   onPressed: () async {
       /// calling your API here and wait for the response.
       await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 5)); // simulated your API requesting time.
       animatedButtonController.completed(); // call when you get the response
       await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2));
       animatedButtonController.reset(); // call to reset button animation

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