A cross platform Gemini browser

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A browser for the gemini protocol.

A Project Gemini browser.

Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space in between gopher and the web, striving to address (perceived) limitations of one while avoiding the (undeniable) pitfalls of the other.

On android fdroid, play store, builds for ios.


Build should just require installing flutter, connecting an android phone over usb (with developer mode turned on):

flutter build apk --debug
flutter install

I haven’t been able to get ios building yet because of xcode / macos version restrictions.

Shoutout to the great client tests here:
gemini:// (

Test server

It is useful to have a server to test against.
You can run ./server server-files/test.gmi with pass phrase test to spinup a single file ncat server (make sure you have it installed).


You need the signing secrets in the environment (KEY_JKS, KEY_PASSWORD, KEY_ALIAS, ALIAS_PASSWORD):

source Envfile

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