Unofficial Android and web app for Formula 1 lovers!

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Box, Box!

Unofficial Android and web app for Formula 1 lovers!

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  • Box, Box! is copylefted libre software, licensed GPLv3+.
  • No ads, no trackers or anything else.
  • Get the latest stories of your favorite driver and his ranking, even without any Internet connection*.
    If you want, you can know where he is born and other personal info (not very useful though)…
  • In-app reader for all the editorial articles, with markdown!
  • Watch all the latest videos with a dedicated tab and a swipe-up!
  • Enjoy the app even at night with dark mode.
  • Link to the highlights on YouTube of the qualifications and the race. (or even the sprint…)
  • Wait till the next race with a countdown.
  • Follow all the action on track with integrated WebView (live leaderboard).
  • View the results of all the sessions (free practices, qualifying, sprints and races).
  • Enjoy the race hub during a GP!

*You need to have Internet connection in order to refresh the data…


Host URL

Services used

Screen Service URL
Home News Formula 1 API
Home Videos Formula 1 API
Articles search SearXNG 14 instances
Standings (Q, S and R) Ergast API
Standings (FP, Q, S and R) Formula 1 Archives
Schedule Ergast API
Live Timing Formula 1


Help translate Box, Box! on Hosted Weblate

Translation status

Or, manually:

  • Create a file named [your language ISO code, like en, fr, etc].arb
    Theses files are used by Flutter to provide you the translation.
  • Translate this file to your language (only the text between the quotes).
  • Finally, make a pull request or an issue and attach the code to it.

The app is currently available in:

and thanks to the other translators!


GNU GPLv3 Image

Box, Box! is Free Software: You can use, study, share, and improve it at
will. Specifically you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the
[GNU General Public License]( as
published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.


I’m developing this app in my free time, so I appreciate feedback and welcome PRs!

(Box, Box! is unofficial software and in no way associated with the Formula 1 group of companies.)

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