Share your location end-to-end encrypted on decentralized servers using Nostr.

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Locus is a free, open source app for Android and iOS that allows you to share your location live. It
encrypts your location end-to-end, meaning that no one, not even we, can read it. It stores the
location decentralized on multiple servers of your choice using Nostr, meaning that you are not
locked to a service. No authentication required.


iOS currently does not have a release. You will need to build and install the app yourself.

Locus comes in two variants for Android:

  • GMS: This variant uses Google Play Services to get your location. If you have Google Play Services
    , you must use this variant. F-Droid uses this version
  • FLOSS: This variant is completely libre and does not use any proprietary software. If you have NO
    Google Play Services installed
    , you must use this variant.

When downloading from GitHub, you can choose from both options.

Get it on F-Droid
Get it on GitHub

Supporting Locus

You can support Locus in various ways:

Contribute to the project

Add a new feature or fix bugs.

Add translations

Translate Locus into your language so that other people can use it more easily.


It might sound crazy, but if you would just donate 1$, it would totally mean to world to me, since
it’s a really small amount and if everyone did that, I can totally focus on Locus and my other open
source projects. :)

You can donate via:

Monero: 83dm5wyuckG4aPbuMREHCEgLNwVn5i7963SKBhECaA7Ueb7DKBTy639R3QfMtb3DsFHMp8u6WGiCFgbdRDBBcz5sLduUtm8

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