Sharezone is a collaborative school organization app for iOS, Android, macOS and web with +450,000 downloads. Built with Flutter & Firebase.

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Sharezone is a collaborative school organization app for iOS, Android, macOS and web.
With Sharezone pupils, teachers and even parents can use the following features together as a class:

  • 📚 Homework diary
  • 🕒 Timetable
  • 📅 Calendar
  • 💬 Information sheets
  • 📁 Files

Sharezone is currently only available in German.
We might expand to more languages and regions in the future 🌍🚀

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Repository Overview

  • 🛠 .github/: Our fully automated CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions and codemagic-cli-tools.
    Used to publish alpha, beta, and stable versions to Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS, macOS), TestFlight (iOS, macOS), and Firebase Hosting (Web).

  • 📱 app/: The main “Sharezone” app, created with Flutter.

  • 📚 lib/: A place for our internal Dart/Flutter packages. Used to modularize and share code between app, website and admin console.

  • 📖 docs/: Our end user documentation, built with Nextra.
    Is currently pretty sparse, but we are working on improving it.

  • 🌐 website/: Our website (not the web app) built with Flutter.

  • 🔧 console/: Our admin console used by the Sharezone team for support / administrative tasks. Also built with Flutter.

  • 🛠️ tools/sz_repo_cli/: Our custom sz Dart CLI used by developers and CI/CD pipelines.
    Helps with tasks like testing, analyzing, building, deploying etc.


We are currently in the process of open-sourcing this repository.
This means not everything is just quite perfect right now: For example we still need to migrate our old issues to GitHub, add documentation, add labels and more.
We track the outstanding work in this project.

This project is licensed under EUPL v1.2 or later.
For some files other licenses or terms (regarding e.g. copyright) might apply. This can be indicated, for example, by a notice included in the file itself or a README in a parent folder.
Guidelines for users and developers for the EUPL v1.2 can be found here.


To contribute just open a PR and sign the Contributor License Agreement.
A bot will automatically ask you to accept the CLA when a PR is opened if you haven’t already.

We have more instructions to help you get started in the

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