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Archethic Wallet

The app is mainly a FULLY decentralized and cryptocurrency non-custodial hot wallet that enables you to safely manage assets on Layer 1 Archethic blockchain.

This wallet includes the features of send and receive coins instantly to and from anyone.

No signup or KYC needed, you just control your service access keychain, protected by different security ways like PIN Code, Password, Yubikey devices and Biometrics

NB: Yubikey is a device that makes 2-factor authentication as simple as possible (see

Archethic Wallet has implemented the following features:

Main features

  • Decentralized keychain management
  • Multiple accounts’ management
  • Creation of Fungible Tokens
  • Creation of NFTs
  • Support for transactions (Sending and Receiving UCO Token, Fungible Tokens and NFTs)
  • List of recent transactions
  • List of acquired tokens


  • Security access with Password, PIN, Yubicloud OTP, Face ID, Touch ID
  • Use of 24 Words Mnemonics


  • Support for English and French Language
  • Support for multiple Currencies (view only, not meant as multiple cryptocurrencies wallet)
  • Multi themes (9 themes available)
  • UI customization

Other features

  • Local notifications
  • Access to exchanges to buy ERC20 UCO
  • Share address with QR Code or mobile share feature
  • Address book
  • UCO Price chart
  • Access latest Archethic blog articles

Application Initial Screen


All news about wallet are available on the Archethic Youtube Channel

How to install Archethic Wallet

Available on Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Linux

How to test the Archethic Wallet

To test Archethic Wallet with Faucet:

  • Copy your address from the wallet and paste on the Archethic Testnet Faucet
  • Click on ‘Transfer 100 UCO’
  • Refresh your dashboard

    Now, you can send some UCO and see your transactions

Patrol installation and configuration

Patrol is a flutter package, you can install it using a simple flutter pub get

Full patrol using on this project can be found here

Setup this Application for developers


  • Flutter 3.19+
  • Dart 3.3+


  • Download the repo into a folder
  • Goto the folder and from terminal run flutter pub get to get the packages
  • Once packages are installed :
    • You can build and run the program for emulator from VSCode Flutter SDK Tools.
    • You can build for android emulator if already installed.
  • Once the packages and installed and application is built
  • Run the program with flutter run

By default, the endpoint is but you can change it in ‘Networks’ menu.


*** This Application is currently in active development so it might fail to build. Please refer to issues or create new issues if you find any. Contributions are welcomed.

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