Pangolin Desktop UI shell, designed for dahliaOS, written in Flutter.

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Pangolin Desktop

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  • 🖥 Pangolin is the desktop shell of dahliaOS.
  • 💙 Written in Dart/Flutter.
  • 🏝 Utopia is the window manager of Pangolin.
  • 🐚 Pangolin was named after a shelled animal like the Armadillo UI.
  • 🌐 Check the web preview here.

Settings and start menu, commit 876180d.

Calculator, Terminal, Notes and search, commit 876180d.


To develop and locally test Pangolin:

Step 1. Install development tools

  1. Install Flutter
  2. Install an IDE of your choice (we recommend VSCode)
    • We also recommend installing Dart and Flutter extensions if you’re opting in for VSCode.
      For other IDEs, please inform yourself.

Step 2. Run Pangolin

Note: You can run Pangolin on any platform that Flutter supports but we recommend running it on Linux as some features of Pangolin are designed exclusively for Linux and won’t work on other platforms.

Run Pangolin by running:

make run target=linux

List of targets:

  • linux
  • windows
  • macos

Flutter has hot reloading so no need to restart the instance when it’s running!


If you’re wondering how to contribute to the project, please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md


If you’re interested in translating Pangolin, click here for more information on how to do so!


Copyright @ 2019-2023 - The dahliaOS Authors - contact@dahliaos.io

This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license

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