Unlock the full potential of music: Stream effortlessly with one app!

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Unlock the full potential of music: Stream effortlessly with one app!

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Online Song Search With Suggestions

Streaming Support

Offline Listening Support

Import & Export Your Data And Never Lose It

Add Custom Playlists With Link

Optimized Sound Experience

Lyrics Support

No Ads

No Subscriptions

Inbuilt Updater

14 Supported Languages

Material UI & Accent Colors & Dynamic Colors (Android 12+)


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Copyright © 2024 Valeri Gokadze

Musify is a free software licensed under GPL v3.0
It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
Being Open Source doesn't mean you can just make a copy of the app and upload it on playstore or sell
a closed source copy of the same.
Read the following carefully:
1. Any copy of a software under GPL must be under same license. So you can't upload the app on a closed source
  app repository like PlayStore/AppStore without distributing the source code.
2. You can't sell any copied/modified version of the app under any "non-free" license.
   You must provide the copy with the original software or with instructions on how to obtain original software,
   should clearly state all changes, should clearly disclose full source code, should include same license
   and all copyrights should be retained.

In simple words, You can ONLY use the source code of this app for `Open Source` Project under `GPL v3.0` or later
with all your source code CLEARLY DISCLOSED on any code hosting platform like GitHub, with clear INSTRUCTIONS on
how to obtain the original software, should clearly STATE ALL CHANGES made and should RETAIN all copyrights.
Use of this software under any "non-free" license is NOT permitted.

See the GNU General Public License for more details.


Contributions are always welcome. Please read our contributing guidelines before contributing.


You can see frequently asked questions and their answers here.


Musify - Original inspiration for the concept and app name, while our implementation took a different direction with a complete rewrite, a rebranded logo, and a redesigned layout and UI.

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  • audio_service: A Flutter plugin for playing audio in the background.
  • audio_session: A plugin for managing audio sessions in Flutter.
  • cached_network_image: A Flutter library to load and cache network images.
  • dynamic_color: A package for working with dynamic colors in Flutter.
  • file_picker: A Flutter plugin for selecting files from the device.
  • fluentui_system_icons: A package that provides Fluent System Icons for Flutter.
  • flutter: The Flutter SDK.
  • flutter_localizations: Internationalization and localization support for Flutter.
  • flutter_flip_card: A component that provides a flip card animation.
  • google_fonts: A package to use Google Fonts in Flutter.
  • hive: A lightweight and efficient key-value database for Flutter.
  • hive_flutter: Hive database support for Flutter.
  • http: A package for making HTTP requests in Flutter.
  • intl: Internationalization and localization support for Flutter.
  • just_audio: A Flutter plugin for audio playback.
  • path_provider: A Flutter plugin for getting the application’s directories and paths.
  • rxdart: Reactive Extensions for Dart.
  • url_launcher: A Flutter plugin for launching URLs.
  • youtube_explode_dart: A Dart library for interacting with YouTube.
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Musify does not possess or maintain any association with the songs and other content accessible through the app.
All songs and other content are the property of their respective owners and are safeguarded by copyright law.
Musify holds no liability for any copyright infringement or other violations of intellectual property rights
that may arise from the use of the songs and other content accessible through the app.
Musify employs third-party plugins and assumes no responsibility for any harm or damage to the respective owners or
any other parties resulting from the utilization of the songs and other content through the third-party plugins.
By using the app, you consent to utilizing the songs and other content exclusively for personal,
non-commercial purposes and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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