Keyviz is a free and open-source tool to visualize your keystrokes ⌨️ and 🖱️ mouse actions in real-time.

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Keyviz is a free and open-source software to visualise your keystrokes and mouse actions in real time! Let your audience know what handy shortcuts/keys you’re pressing during screencasts, presentations, collaborations, or whenever you need it.

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⌨️ Keystrokes & 🖱️ Mouse Actions

Now you can visualize mouse actions! Not only mouse clicks, you can also visualize mouse actions along with keystrokes like Cmd + Click, Alt + Drag, etc.


🎨 Stylize

Don’t restrain yourself to just black & white! You can customize every aspect of the visualization. The visualisation’s style, size, colour (modifier and regular keys), border, icon, etc.


Powerful and easy-to-use configuration options.

  • Filter normal keys and only display shortcuts like Cmd + K (Default)
  • Adjust the visualisation position on the screen
  • Decide how much the visualisation lingers on the screen before animating out
  • Switch between animation presets to animate your visualisation in & out

📥 Installation

You can download the latest version of keyviz from the Github Releases page. For the installer, unzip the downloaded file, run the installer and follow the familiar steps to install keyviz.

🥄 Scoop
scoop bucket add extras # first, add the bucket
scoop install keyviz
🪟 Winget
winget install mulaRahul.Keyviz

*.dll missing error?

If you’re getting a .dll missing error after installing the application, you’re missing the required Visual C++ redistributables. You can get the same from here VSC++ Redist.

🛠️ Build Instructions

You can always further develop/build the project by yourself. First of all ensure that you’ve setup Flutter on your system. If not follow this guide.

After setting up flutter, clone the repository or download the zip and unpack the same.

mkdir keyviz
git clone .

Move inside the flutter project and run the build command to create an executable -

cd keyviz
# get required dependencies
flutter pub get
# build executable
flutter build windows

💖 Support

As keyviz is freeware, the only way I can earn is through your generous donations. It helps free my time and work more on keyviz.

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