a Twitter app built with Flutter 🦅

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a feature rich Twitter experience built with Flutter

harpy is no longer in active development after Twitter's decision to disallow third party Twitter clients.

harpy was available in the Play Store as a free and paid app and was used by over 75.000 active users.

Check out a walkthrough of the app on youtube here

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harpy is an alternative Twitter client that focuses on a nice user experience with unique features.

This project has been in development since late 2018 and aims to be a good example for a medium-large sized Flutter app with a focus on code quality and maintainability.

Some interesting features of the app include:

  • riverpod
    • for state management using the included state_notifier
    • for dependency injection / service locators with easily mockable dependencies
  • go_router for routing with support for Twitter url deeplinks
  • sentry as an online error tracking service to report unhandled exceptions
  • Fully featured theme customization
  • Fully featured video player using the
    video_player package
  • My own twitter_api package to make use of the official Twitter api
  • A ‘pro’ and ‘free’ android
    product flavor
  • Many customized animations sprinkled around the app, including custom logo animations created with Rive

Development / Setup

Follow the project setup for building harpy instructions to get the project running.

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