Multi-platform auto-proxy client, supporting Sing-box, X-ray, TUIC, Hysteria, Reality, Trojan, SSH etc. It’s an open-source, secure and ad-free.

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What is Hiddify app?

A multi-platform proxy client based on Sing-box universal proxy tool-chain. Hiddify offers a wide range of capabilities, like automatic node selection, TUN mode, remote profiles etc. Hiddify is ad-free and open-source. With support for a wide range of protocols, it provides a secure and private way for accessing free internet.

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🚀 Main features

✈️ Multi-platform: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux

⭐ Intuitive and accessible UI

🔍 Delay based node selection

🟡 Wide range of protocols:
Vless, Vmess, Reality, TUIC, Hysteria, Wireguard, SSH etc.

🟡 Subscription link and configuration formats: Sing-box, V2ray, Clash, Clash meta

🔄 Automatic subscription update

🔎 Display profile information including remaining days and traffic usage

🛡 Open source, secure and community driven

🌙 Dark and light modes

⚙ Compatible with all proxy management panels

⭐ Appropriate configuration for Iran, China, Russia and other countries

📱 Available on official stores

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⚙️ Installation and tutorials

Find tutorial information on our wiki page by clicking on image below.

Tutorials on Wiki

🌎 Translations

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Improve existing languages or add new ones by manually editing the JSON files located in /assets/translations or by using the Inlang online editor.

✏️ Acknowledgements

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the contributors of the following projects, whose robust foundation and innovative features have significantly enhanced the success and functionality of this project.

🎯 Donation and Support

The easiest way to support us is to click on the star (⭐) at the top of this page.

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We also need financial support for our services. All of our activities are done voluntarily and financial support will be spent on the development of the project. You can view our support addresses here.

👩‍🏫 Collaboration and Contact Information

Hiddify is a community driven project. If you’re interested in contributing, please read the contribution guidelines. We would specially appreciate any help we can get in these areas: Flutter, Go, iOS development (Swift), Android development (Kotlin).

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We appreciate all people who are participating in this project. Some people here and many many more outside of Github. It means a lot to us. ♥

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