Dependency Injection & State Management

Top Flutter Dependency Injection and State Management packages State management refers to the process of managing the data or state of an application. In other words, it's about keeping track of the various pieces of data that are used by an application and ensuring that they are consistent and up-to-date. State management is an important aspect of building a scalable and maintainable application, as it helps to ensure that the different parts of the application are working together in a predictable and consistent way. Dependency injection, on the other hand, is a design pattern that is used to create loosely coupled software components. In dependency injection, the dependencies of a particular component (such as a class or function) are passed in to the component from the outside, rather than being created or managed internally. This allows the component to be more easily tested and reused in different contexts, and makes it easier to manage the relationships between different components in an application. While state management and dependency injection are separate concepts, they can be used together to build scalable and maintainable applications. For example, a state management system can be used to manage the data or state of an application, while dependency injection can be used to create loosely coupled components that can interact with the state management system. The complete list of Flutter Dependency Injection and State Management packages is provided below.