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Awashyak - Emergency Medicine Delivery Platform

Awashyak is a software solution aimed at improving the speed and accessibility of the healthcare delivery system during emergencies. This project leverages technology to provide quicker access to essential medicines in times of need. The name “Awashyak” itself signifies its purpose, meaning “emergency” in the local language.

Technical Details

  • Frontend: The user interface is developed using the Flutter framework with the Dart programming language. This ensures a smooth and consistent experience for users across different platforms.

  • Backend: The backend of Awashyak is powered by Node.js, allowing for efficient handling of requests and data processing.

  • Database: MongoDB is employed as the database system, ensuring reliable storage and retrieval of important information.

Project Highlights

The primary goal of Awashyak is to revolutionize the healthcare delivery system, addressing the issue of slow response during emergencies. Here’s a brief overview of how the platform works:

  • Medicine Availability: The system provides users with information about the availability of essential medicines in nearby stores. This information empowers users to make informed decisions quickly.

  • Reservation System: In situations where a user finds the required medicine, they can reserve it for a designated period. This feature allows someone else to collect and deliver the medicine on their behalf.

  • Delivery Services: Alternatively, the platform enables users to request medicine delivery from a nearby shop. The shop’s delivery personnel can be dispatched to promptly bring the required medicine to the user.

  • Google Maps Integration: To facilitate easy navigation and location-based services, Google Maps API has been integrated into the project. However, for a cost-free alternative, it’s recommended to explore open-source mapping solutions.

  • ChatGPT Integration: Awashyak enhances user experience by incorporating a chat feature powered by ChatGPT. This AI-driven chat assists users in finding medicines, suggesting alternatives, and addressing queries. It acts as a virtual assistant, offering relevant information to users.


Awashyak is an open-source project, welcoming contributions from developers, designers, and enthusiasts. If you’re interested in improving healthcare accessibility during emergencies, feel free to join our community and contribute to the project’s development.

Please refer to the Contribution Guidelines for detailed information on how to get involved.

Let’s work together to make healthcare more accessible and responsive during critical times.

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