Animation & Transition

Top Flutter Animation and Transition packages Animation (or transition) is the process of creating an illusion of motion of images, widgets, routes, etc. Smart use of animations can make any Flutter app look livelier, pleasant and sleek when compared to a static version. Linking animations to tactile responses leads to a more tangible and realistic user experience, which in turn reduces the cognitive load on the app user. After performing certain action, when a user receives a "motion or live response" from the app, the brain remembers all the steps faster and it lowers the learning curve for the user. Flutter provides a rich builtin support for animations and transitions, but there are several packages that can make your life easier when it comes to adding quick, complex and customized animations better suited for your app. Also there are packages that can help you access efficient new age animation file formats like Lottie and Rive. You can check out the complete list of Animation and Transition Flutter packages below.